• Remedy Of A Killer

    A 2015 short film Written and Directed by James Wallace Jr. Sensing betrayal, a hired hit-man confronts his business partners and his longtime lover, in a showdown that will have only one survivor.

  • Cat In The Sack

    A short crime drama film by James Wallace Jr. Starring Jim Dougherty and Gabriel J. Porch..

  • Companion Inc.

    Our short film Companion Inc won BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY
    at the 48hr Film Project for Indianapolis, IN 2015."
    A short film Directed by James Wallace Jr. With Jenna Ruiz, Brian Boyd, Matt Christman..

  • Santharia - Trailer

    SANTHARIA - A 2014 short film Written and Directed by James Wallace Jr. Check out the trailer, photos, bios and NEW information as the movie travels the film festival circuit.

  • Not My Job

    NOT MY JOB - A 48hr Film Project 2016.
    A hilarious story about a neighborhood of hooligans, who ultimately find commonality through a drunken security guard.

    Short film

    PANDORA - "The most frightening stuff isn't in the box...it's in you."
    A short film Directed by James Wallace Jr. with Nathan Bechtold, Ashley Lunford, Jenna Ruiz, Clay Zook
    A 48Hr Film Project (Indianapolis 2014)


More About Us

Welcome to the ParaCinema / Avant Garde Production webpage. Our goal is making the best and most intriguing movies (long and short form) that the world will ever see. Ranging from Action, Sci Fi, Horror and various Grindhouse style dramas. The key is not only making a great movie but to inject an infectious enthusiasm that seems lost in today's world of movies. Please stay tuned, when ParaCinema will be posting and giving updates on future Production Film endevours. So, sit back and enjoy the ride. But remember, not to forget the popcorn.

James Wallace Jr - Founding Member