James Wallace jr

James H. Wallace Jr.

My name is James Wallace Jr. I am the CEO and founding member of ParaCinema / Avant Garde Productions. Since I was 7, I have always loved TV and movies. Ranging from the mainstream fare to the very obscure. I can remember getting excited in anticipation in watching some of my favorite shows. Batman, Six Million Dollar Man, Battle of the Planets, Space 1999, Star Trek and so on. Then there was the late night horror movies that really scared me as a child. But, I loved it. And now, It took nearly twenty years, but after dealing with the grind of life, I started to formulate the ideal ambition. Making the kind of movies I loved. I hope you get enjoyment out of the movies, and video we will continue to produce. Everything has to start somewhere. My best wish is that this production company will take off to were thousands of companies have failed to reach. Thanks for the support. Enjoy the website. Failure is not an option.

More About Us

Welcome to the ParaCinema / Avant Garde Production webpage. Our goal is making the best and most intriguing movies (long and short form) that the world will ever see. Ranging from Action, Sci Fi, Horror and various Grindhouse style dramas. The key is not only making a great movie but to inject an infectious enthusiasm that seems lost in today's world of movies. Please stay tuned, when ParaCinema will be posting and giving updates on future Production Film endevours. So, sit back and enjoy the ride. But remember, not to forget the popcorn.

James Wallace Jr - Founding Member